Seamless Integration, connects all of the key devices in your home, giving you smart, responsive automation and seamless control that you can’t get from stand-alone solutions.

Property Protection Consulting LLC offers a system that allows your home to adjust automatically to you.

Let the system do all of the work for you, from turning a light on, locking a door to adjusting the temperature. For example just by locking the front door, your customized trigger can also automatically arm your security system, turn the lights off and adjust your thermostat to an energy saving temperature.

Customize Triggers

By integrating all of your services into one connected source you can customize triggers to connect your security system with locks, lights, thermostats and video cameras for the most efficient solution to suit your exact needs.

Smart Schedules

We also employ Smart Schedules to set automatic light and thermostat adjustments any time of day or night, at any time of the week.

Activity Patterns

This system can also learn your activity patterns to again optimize a schedule that fits your personal needs.