Risk of Burglary Test

The following test lets you rate your actual risk of being burglarized. Shortly after you fill out the test below a representive will contact you with your score.

Required Information:
Outside doors and windows of your home:

How many double hung windows (without keyed locks or pins) are reachable from ground level?

How many doors have glass within two feet of the lock? (Do not count doors with double cylinder locks)

Do you have a sliding glass door without an auxillary locking device?

Does the sliding glass door have no screws in the upper track to prevent lifting the door out of the track?

Do you have French (glass patio) doors?

Do you have a wooden door with only a lock in the doorknob?

Do you have a chainlock with screws smaller than 1.5 inches?

Do you have the same locks that were in your house before you moved in?

Are all of your outside doors steel-insulated with deadbolts or jimmy-resistant deadlocks?

Details about your home:

Do your power lines enter your house within reach of the ground?

Are your power and phone lines buried?

Do you have any exterior air conditioners/heat pumps that are turned off during hot weather when you are away for an extended period?

Do you have an intercom near outside doors?

Is your phone number in the phone book?

Do you have an unlisted phone number?


I have a burglar alarm on my house or

I have no alarm on my residence.

Does your alarm have a 30-watt siren or louder?

Does your home have a perimeter alarm with an interior alert?

Do you have an alarm that lets you know when someone is in your driveway?

Is your driveway alarm a magnetic inductance alarm or other unseen sensor?

Does your local alarm have a 10 hour or more backup battery?

Do you have a noisy or mean dog that hates strangers?

Security Habits:

Are your children untrained in answering the phone?

Do you always pick up the phone and pause to listen for background noise before saying, "Hello"?

Do you have caller ID on your phone?

Do you have call trace on your phone?

Do you regularly go to church?

Do you ever leave exterior doors unlocked?

Do you hide an extra key outside?

Do you know the names of the people in all adjacent homes an apartments?


How many times per month do you have a babysitter in your home?

How many different part-time cleaning or other servants do you have in your home in a year?

How many full-time servants do you have in your home?

How many workers have been in your home in the last year to do repairs or remodeling?

How many teenage non-family members have visited or even stepped into your home in the last year?


Do you or your spouse have a large coin, stamp, antique, or other valuable collection?

Do you have an 8 piece or more silver service (solid, not plated)?

How many small flatscreens do you have?

How many Blu-Ray players do you own?

How many current video games do you own?

How many current laptops or tablets do you leave at home?

Do you have a current video game system (PlayStation, X-box, Wii, etc)?

Do you have liquor bottles that are visible to the outside?


Has any newspaper/magazine/blog article pictured the interior of your home?

Does any social media Facebook, Twitter, etc) or newspaper/magazine article tell of an upcoming trip you will take?

Does any social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) or newspaper/magazine article tell of any future event, such as an awards ceremony, funeral, sports contest, etc. where you will attend?

Do you or your spouse have your name and home address printed in a company directory, church directory or other publication?

Do you have your name on your mailbox?

More Security Habits:

I use no voice mail?

Does your voicemail say you are out?

Does your voicemail unemotionally ask for messages?

Do you get two or more hangup calls per week?

Do you have call blocking on your phone service?

Do you regularly use an unlit entrance?

Do you ever leave your house or apartment empty for an eight hour period more than once a week?

Have you answered a detailed telephone survey or phone credit application in the last year?

Are you a member of a neighborhood watch program?

Do you have your state's abbreviation and owner applied number (OAN) on all your valuables - best with six digits and state ID first?

Other Factors:

Do you have your name or address on your keyring?

Do you leave house keys on your key ring when attendants park your car?

Do you ever leave notes to workmen?

Have you or your family members lost entrance keys in the last year?

Do you live in a corner house or a corner ground floor apartment?

Do you use lights on timers?

Do you leave a radio on during daily absences (audible on the outside of your house)?

Do you leave mail in your car with the address visible?

Site Factors:

Do you live 1000 meters or more from your nearest neighbor?

Do you live out of view of the road?

Do you park outside your home or apartment (not in a garage)?

If you have a remote garage door opener to an attached garage, does the garage door lock on closing?

Do you live in or within a mile of what is considered a high crime area?

Do you live in what is considered a low crime area?

Have any of your neighbors been burglarized in the last six months?