How many times have you given out a spare key and eventually forgotten who has it? I’m sure we can all be guilty of that. With PPC Alarms we can make that a problem of the past by offering innovative solutions for the future.

Our interactive and connected access solutions will allow you to never have a worry about a door being unlocked, a garage door open or a light being left on. The security and protection that we offer will give you the ultimate control over your property, letting you spend your time the way you want, left reassured that you are always protected.

Our systems lets you monitor who comes and goes from your property with updates in activity by email and text notifications. Wherever you go, your property is always at your fingertips.


The reassurance of being able to know immediately if someone unlocks your door or enters your property is paramount to our security system.

No Keys

This can also alleviate the need for physical keys as you can set up unique codes for your children, sitters, employees, etc to access your home or facility.