How many times have you given out a spare key, for a specific, immediate-term need, and completely forgot to get it back? Hiding/providing physical keys, which can fall into the wrong hands and be easily copied, is no longer your only option for allowing friends, family, pet sitters, housekeepers, and contractors access to your home. PPC Alarms offers a much better solution.

Replacing one or more exterior locks with smart devices is easier for everyone and far more secure. Then, it’s easy and safe to provide aforementioned users unique, four-digit codes. These unique access codes are great because they can:

Automatically disarm alarm system to avoid user error and nuisance alarms
Work only on specific doors/areas (not others)
Work only during specific hours/days of the week
Be setup to expire after a period of time
Notify you, and create a log, when specific users arrive and depart
Be instantly deactivated from anywhere