Property Protection Company provides one of the best home security systems available on the market. Their home security is state-of-the-art, comes with 24-hour monitoring that we can access at any time, and was within our budget. Installation was a breeze, and if you have any questions, their customer support team will go above and beyond. If you’re looking for a security system to protect your home now and in the future, PPC Alarms is our top choice.
Gwinna Thomas
Property Protection wowed us by using the latest technology to allow us to take control of our family business. We can use our computer or Smart Phone, anywhere in the world and have access to what is going on in our retail store at any time. The flexibility it has given my family to start traveling again and spending more time together was well worth the investment. Reliability with PPC has been excellent from the start and I would highly recommend their systems for any business owner.
Raymond Blairmont
While I was away , our home suffered a severe lighting strike. We lost our TVs , audio equipment , computers, Hvac , generator , pool controls and cable boxes. I was able to see from my smart phone app that my home was still secured . It gave me peace of mind for the remainder of the trip . Thank you ppc!
Andy W.
I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful crew you have. Jenn is very efficient and a pleasure to work with and Brian is friendly and courteous…and he fixed my alarm! Your service is incredible.
Anita Pelli